Unarmed Security Guard
PacArctic LLC

Kodiak, Alaska

This job has expired.

PacArctic LLC, a Koniag Government Services company, is seeking an experienced Unarmed Security Guard to support PAC and our government customer at Kodiak, AK 99619.

We offer competitive compensation and an extraordinary benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, 401K with company matching, flexible spending accounts, paid holidays, three weeks paid time off, and more.

Essential Functions, Responsibilities & Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • The schedule is subject to change, sometimes on short notice, and the Ship Command will provide updates when they become available.
  • All Guards shall be capable of supporting the ship, within 12 hours of notification by an authorized ship representative or supervisor for unscheduled port visits. A Second Guard may be required due to a change in the MARSEC or national threat level. During times when the threat level is raised, additional rounds and increased vigilance may be required.
Work Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Rounds on the ship will take approximately 20 minutes. Rounds on any visiting NOAA ship may range from 15 to 30 minutes. The approximate time for rounds will be supplied by the visiting ship's Command.
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Background Investigation
  • Rounds shall be conducted hourly (i.e., eight times in an eight-hour shift). At the discretion of the Command, rounds may be reduced to every other hour (i.e., four times in an eight-hour shift). The start time of all rounds should vary five to fifteen minutes to avoid an obvious pattern from being created. If more than one NOAA ship is docked at adjacent piers at the same time, an effort should be made such that both Guards are not conducting rounds at the same time, to maximize the time that at least one of the Guards is able to view the outside pier area. The frequency of rounds may be increased by the COR or ship's Command when an increased security threat is determined.
  • When not making rounds the Guard will stand the watch in an assigned place (commonly the ship's bridge) that provides a view of the gangway, the pier, and the parking area. The Guard may be assigned additional duties under special circumstances, i.e., prevent looting during the aftermath from severe weather conditions; check additional equipment stored on compound for a temporary period.
  • Flags ("Colors") - The Guard lowers the National Ensign on the ship's stern and the Union Jack on the ship's forward mast at sunset every day. The Guard will also raise the National Ensign and Union Jack at 0800 on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. (Monday through Friday, the flags are normally raised by the ship's commissioned officers).
  • Upon arrival the Guard shall notify the OOD and annotate the time of his/her arrival in the security log.
  • The off-going Guard shall turn over the Guard cell phone and any other items specific to the ship's security practices (such as keys, electronic "rounds" recorder (or Detex clock). The offgoing Guard shall pass along any special instructions to the relief Guard and annotate the time on the log at the conclusion of his/her watch.
  • In between rounds, the Guard's primary duties shall be to monitor and control access to the ship. The OOD will provide the Guard with the names of any contactors, scientists, or other personnel authorized to be on the ship. All ship personnel will carry DOD NOAA Corps or Wage Marine identification cards. The Guard should note the arrival and departure of the visitors in the security log. The Guard is authorized to request to see the identification of individuals, especially those unfamiliar to the Guard. If the Guard is in doubt about a person's authorization, the Guard shall call the OOD.
  • Ships' personnel may escort official visitors during security hours without prior approval. Ships' personnel may escort members of their immediate family, i.e., parents, spouses, children, on the ships for brief periods. However, all visits must be noted in the security log.
  • Other persons who do not meet any of the above criteria but who maintain that they are authorized to enter the compound during security hours will not be permitted entrance until the Guard receives authorization from an authorized ship representative.
  • The Guards should take reasonable precautions, within their authority, to prevent theft of government property from the ship or from the pier space and vehicles alongside the ship.
  • Incident Reporting - Maintain a legible, handwritten security log of significant events happening during each watch, such as all personnel entering or leaving the compound after normal business hours, and arrival and departure of contractors. The security logbook will be supplied by the ship and may vary in format for each ship.
  • The Guards shall perform the following duties while making security rounds: The Guard shall patrol all spaces of the vessel, inside and out, being alert at all times for fire, any malfunctions of operating machinery, high water level in bilges or other spaces, excessive strain on mooring lines, unauthorized persons aboard, proper lights being displayed, ports and doors closed or opened as necessary, chemical leaks/spills, and any other factor bearing on the safety and security of the vessel and its personnel.
  • The Guard shall monitor mooring lines, gangway lines, and utility hoses/cables from the pier to avoid excessive strains, perimeter of the property and dock, checking for leaking hoses, loose mooring lines, and status of the gangway safety, especially with respect to tide fluctuations.
  • The guard shall promptly contact the designated OOD, duty engineer, or Executive Officer, or Commanding Officer if any unusual events occur. Unusual events are defined as, but not limited to: bridge alarms, fire, flooding, unauthorized personnel, mooring line or gangway problems, suspicious activity, medical issues, and other dangers that can affect the security and safety of the vessel and its personnel.
  • In the case of an emergency, the Guard must be able to sound the ship's general alarm and operate the Public Announcement system.
  • The Guard shall check certain gauges and dial readings on machinery such as generators, pumps, compressors, refrigeration, or on any other machinery and notify ship's personnel if temperatures are above normal. Dials and gauges will be marked as to what the correct temperature is.
  • The Guard will notify ship's personnel if any temperature, pressure, or fluid levels exceed the posted safe level ranges, or any incident occurs that will endanger the safety and security of the vessel or personnel.
  • The Guard will maintain the security log of all activities and incidents occurring during his/her watch, and of issues or concerns identified during rounds.
  • The Guard shall use electronic recording wands, Detex clock, or similar accountability devices if such a system is installed on the ship and shall acknowledge each station per round.
  • The Guard will not allow private vessels to tie up to the NOAA ship.
  • The Guard shall take all precautions during patrols, within their authority, to prevent theft of Government property anywhere on Government owned or Government leased space.
  • No unauthorized persons should be on the ships, or any NOAA small boat associated with the ship. Guards should check for proper identification for any personnel found in the area during security hours. The Guard should annotate the name, affiliation, identification card number, and purpose for being in the area in the security log for all unknown personnel found in these areas during security hours.
  • At the discretion of the ship's Command, the Guard may be relied upon to answer incoming telephone calls while on the ship. If so, the Guard will do so in a polite and professional manner. The Guard is only required to take a message and leave it in place designated by the ship Command.
  • The Guard should not offer or request any information beyond what is needed to pass along a simple message.
  • Security watch standers will present themselves for their watch in sufficient time to be briefed on any changes to the routine or special instructions from the off going watch.
  • Approximately 10 minutes may be required to exchange the watch and transfer information.
  • Security watch standers will not depart the ship without being properly relieved following their watch. If the oncoming watch stander does not report to duty, the incumbent watch stander shall contact the Officer of the Deck (OOD), or the Executive Officer (XO) if the OOD is unavailable and notify them that the relief watch is not present, prior to being allowed to depart the ship.
  • Security watch standers must be familiar with any security and identification requirement specific to the Port of Kodiak or USCG Base Kodiak, as appropriate to the ship's pier location.

Working Environment & Conditions

This job operates in a professional office environment and has a noise level of mostly low to moderate. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
The company is an equal opportunity employer. The company shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity (except where gender is a bona fide occupational qualification), national origin, age, disability, military/veteran status, marital status, genetic information or any other factor protected by law. We are committed to equal employment opportunity in all decisions related to employment, promotion, wages, benefits and all other privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

The company is dedicated to seeking all qualified applicants. If you require an accommodation to navigate or to apply to a position on our website, please contact Heaven Wood via e-mail at accommodations@koniag-gs.com or by calling 703-488-9377 to request accommodations.

Koniag Government Services (KGS) is an Alaska Native Owned corporation supporting the values and traditions of our native communities through an agile employee and corporate culture that delivers Enterprise Solutions, Professional Services and Operational Management to Federal Government Agencies. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Koniag, we apply our proven commercial solutions to a deep knowledge of Defense and Civilian missions to provide forward leaning technical, professional, and operational solutions. KGS enables successful mission outcomes for our customers through solution-oriented business partnerships and a commitment to exceptional service delivery. We ensure long-term success with a continuous improvement approach while balancing the collective interests of our customers, employees, and native communities. For more information, please visit www.koniag-gs.com
EOE Minorities/Female/Protected Veterans/Disabled. Shareholder Preference in accordance with Public Law 88-352

This job has expired.

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