Pop on Paper: 10 In-Demand Skills to Put on a Resume

Pop on Paper: 10 In-Demand Skills to Put on a Resume
Did you know that 98% of employers believe teamwork is an essential skill? Yet, hiring professionals think only 77% of graduates are proficient in this area. So, how can you build your resume to showcase your skills that are in demand now?

Keep reading to learn what skills to put on a resume and how to set yourself apart from other applicants.   

Understanding Your Skills

Before you start listing everything you are proficient at in the "Skill" section of your resume, you want to ask yourself a few questions. What skills do I have that are relevant to this job? What qualities can I highlight that will make me stand out?

Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

Soft skills aren't necessarily acquired through education or training. Instead, these skills correspond to how you engage with coworkers, manage projects, problem-solve, and fit in. Hiring managers look for candidates with varied soft skills, as it shows creativity, flexibility, and the ability to change.

Hard skills are taught, acquired through hands-on experience, and are measurable. Here are five examples of valuable hard skills:

  • Computer and technical skills: Proficiency with word processors, coding, IT troubleshooting, database maintenance
  • Marketing: Familiarity with SEO, SEM, analytics, and reaching potential clientele
  • Writing: Ability to create proposals, reports, grants, or articles free of grammatical errors
  • Languages: Fluency speaking, writing, communicating, or translating more than one language
  • Research and analysis: Finding and analyzing information and summarizing the findings
You should be able to prove your abilities or include your experience on your resume.

Top Skills Employers Want in Candidates  

Let's pretend you are applying for a job to be a graphic designer for a marketing agency. Chances are, you have hard or technical skills that could pique an employer's interest. What other special skills for a resume should you include?

A graphic designer needs more than technical abilities and a good portfolio to get ahead.

Graphic designers need good communicators, listening, teamwork, and time management skills. Perhaps most important, they should accept constructive criticism and make changes accordingly.

Of course, these soft skills are not exclusive to graphic designers or even marketers. Another term for these abilities is "transferrable" skills, as they are helpful in any situation or field of work.

In-Demand Transferrable Skills

Transferable skills are in high demand. They show you are resilient. No matter what job you are applying for, these five soft skills should be on your resume:

  • Communication: Ability to interact using verbal and non-verbal communication with respect to others
  • Working in teams: Finishing tasks quickly and accepting responsibilities
  • Critical thinking and solving problems: Looking at issues and applying creative/analytical solutions
  • Flexibility/adaptability: Adjusting to changes in work, environment, leadership, and more
  • Conflict management: Analyzing a situation to find a resolution or stop escalation
Those Are the Best Skills to Put on a Resume

To convince a hiring manager or employer to pick your application, you need to show you have hard, technical, and soft, transferable skills. Also, your experience should be supported by additional information on your resume. Lastly, make sure you tailor your resume for each application.

If you liked this article and want to learn more tips like what skills to put on a resume, take a look at our blog and our other resources for diverse job seekers.

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